Case CDF

Case CDF

During its history, Jankelevich & Zaninovic has dealt with multiple communicational crisis, amongst them the case of CDF (the National Football Channel).

During 2003 Claro&Asociados along the ANFP (National Professional Football Association), acquired the television broadcasting rights for the National Championship. CDF began its operations and national TV channels decided to gather as a group and appeal to the right of access to information, thus not accepting to pay for a service they considered that should be free, using the argument of “not depriving chilean people of football”. 

So started “Goal Wars” y the agency was sought when the crisis was at full development.

The role of  Jankelevich & Zaninovic was to push through with a strong damage control campaign, which included the following actions: 

Analysis of the situation and of the standpoint of all the groups envolved.

CDF and ANFP alignment in key messages  to media: “No information rights have been infringed, it is a business model used in the countries (Argentina and Spain).

Anticipating two fronts, the public opinion and legal, Jankelevich & Zaninovic got in touch with the Government Spokesman in office and organised a with the CEO of CDF, Jorge Claro, so both could understand each other’s point of view.

Leaders of opinion concerning sports and football were reached to let them know CDF’s arguments. 

Interviews with the media (written and radio, since the national TV channels continued its informational blockade to any news regarding this issue).   


Effective damage control. 

In matter of days, CDF’s arguments were presented to the press, to influencers and authorities, so the frequency of “bad press” diminished, some leaders of opinion even supported CDF’s stands. 

Goverment representatives and the in-office Spokesman were convinced of CDF’s propper procedures expressing that the matter had to be resolved between the parts envolved.  

Key CDF messages and stands were effectively delivered through the interviews of its CEO. 

At the present time, CDF still operates regularly and the national TV channels respect CDF’s right to charge for the images of the National Football Championship.